Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well it finally came in the mail,the chinese opium bed. I found it on ebay the guy had 3 and the other place i found it was twice the price.Its very finely detailed and i just have to figure out what else to put with it and weather it is retro,modern or art deco,and how to make it look that

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deco Bathroom Suite

Last week i received a deco bathroom suite,i am sure was from Elf Miniatures,i had gone to their site and saw the set but it was out of stock.I emailed asking to let me know when available and got an email straight back there was one that hadnt been paid for weeks ago that i could have. Its is resin and 3 peices,i like the lines of the bath and sink,not fussed on the toilet,very plain,i have some small deco tiles,mirror tiles,and pearlized paint,so i think i can get it together. I did want to have an uber modern glass bowl sink type bathroom,i have bought some small clear glass tiles and am thinking of making a small deco shaped glass tile wall between the deco bath and a modern toilet.bidet,sink unit,shower,we'll see if i can make it work when the next floor goes up.

New Bits

Wow i got 9 parcels in the mail yesterday!one was a top and one some yarn,but all the others for the house. The red mixmaster for the kitchen wouldnt normally put the plug near the sink lol,,a pair of flamingo earrings to take apart for the fron door,a lamp shaped like a gold shell,and the shelf unit from mini'sx2 on etsy.Oh its lovely so well made,fits perfect and is great,funny i didnt like those units in real life and real time,but i do now. Also the 1" metal deco picture frame i won off ebay,it has an old pic of a 20"s wedding couple in it,faded and stuff but looks great very antique.I am not sure if it is genuinally old as i have seen similar modern ones,but the metal and making seem quite old style. It's very interesting doing a modern house,white and pale pink gloss paint,it all has to be sanded and smooth as possible,and nowhere inside like dado rails and skirting boards to hide bits,i do plan to light it and have several lights on the way,some i bought battery powered,easy to install and not so many wires to hide.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

REAC? what?ooohhhhh

Saw a couple of chairs on ebay,miniatures of famous designer chairs thought mmmm okay,then found REAC chairs ,oh wow had to get some of those.Bought a pac in think vol6,all red,white and black, and boy are they well made and funky looking,will go in house perfectly. The marshmallow couch,comfort couch,lips couch,ball chair, etc etc ,postage a bit steep but so nice.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Up Up and away......

Well have been painting bits trying to stop the mold growing,its still pops up after painting and in the spaces where the doors are going to fit,makes for very grotty photos. Have had migraines for weeks now,taken so many pills if you shook me i'd rattle,am hoping its men-a-pause and will lessen over time. Some great bits came in the mail,the local shop/post office cant beleive it,i cashed in my loose change,got $300 all to spend on my house. Bought a chinese opium bed from ebay,he only had 3,i did some searching and his were half the price of the same thing elsewhere so i nabbed one,had bought a deco set for the 2nd bedroom but its not wow enough so its going in my other house Eliza.The colour is the problem its dull,no idea what to paint or stain it,its nicely made,if anyone has an idea please comment. Also got neat little desk,has 9 opening drawers and 2 tiny panels,i found a chair in my stash that goes well. So these pics are of the house going up sort of,taped together and checking it out,painted the door 10 times,still dont like the colour,or the door actually,still thinking there.

Friday, March 23, 2012

yeehah,happy dance,yah,woot woot!!!

Yes i am being happy and loud,my kitchen came in the mail today and it's mag!!! its goes perfectly in the house and for $20 i am thrilled. Am going to try and find another on ebay for another house i am upgrading,i can afford to if i win it cheap enough.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Well at last somethings happening with the kitchen.I received the stool,steps,bin and diner set in the mail,just love how they go,but i dont think the stools will fit in here as i bought a whole white american style kitchen from ebay. The kind with appliances and the cupboards up the top,all white with black countertops and a black stove,all for the princely sum of.....$20.51,wweeee i was rapt winning that auction,and will probably put some on the red/white tiles on the splashbacks. The flooring in the kitchen pics is a card of a sample paint from years ago.I took it into Bunnings and its not made anymore,drat,so i will either use the 1 sheet and put the furniture around it,or use the shiny sample cards of another paint i picked up while there,took a few cards to fill in the floor. While not on kitchen but bunnings hardware,i also found some packs of glass tiles,meant for mosaics,bought a pack of mirrors,and some black tiles to make a sink and shower unit,only $6.99 a pack,and 1 dollhouse mirror can cost that. Just everyday painting,some of the parts are getting mould,as its humid but nonstop rain and showers,so getting the undercoat on fast as i can.