Thursday, March 22, 2012


Well at last somethings happening with the kitchen.I received the stool,steps,bin and diner set in the mail,just love how they go,but i dont think the stools will fit in here as i bought a whole white american style kitchen from ebay. The kind with appliances and the cupboards up the top,all white with black countertops and a black stove,all for the princely sum of.....$20.51,wweeee i was rapt winning that auction,and will probably put some on the red/white tiles on the splashbacks. The flooring in the kitchen pics is a card of a sample paint from years ago.I took it into Bunnings and its not made anymore,drat,so i will either use the 1 sheet and put the furniture around it,or use the shiny sample cards of another paint i picked up while there,took a few cards to fill in the floor. While not on kitchen but bunnings hardware,i also found some packs of glass tiles,meant for mosaics,bought a pack of mirrors,and some black tiles to make a sink and shower unit,only $6.99 a pack,and 1 dollhouse mirror can cost that. Just everyday painting,some of the parts are getting mould,as its humid but nonstop rain and showers,so getting the undercoat on fast as i can.

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