Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deco Bathroom Suite

Last week i received a deco bathroom suite,i am sure was from Elf Miniatures,i had gone to their site and saw the set but it was out of stock.I emailed asking to let me know when available and got an email straight back there was one that hadnt been paid for weeks ago that i could have. Its is resin and 3 peices,i like the lines of the bath and sink,not fussed on the toilet,very plain,i have some small deco tiles,mirror tiles,and pearlized paint,so i think i can get it together. I did want to have an uber modern glass bowl sink type bathroom,i have bought some small clear glass tiles and am thinking of making a small deco shaped glass tile wall between the deco bath and a modern toilet.bidet,sink unit,shower,we'll see if i can make it work when the next floor goes up.

1 comment:

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