Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Bits

Wow i got 9 parcels in the mail yesterday!one was a top and one some yarn,but all the others for the house. The red mixmaster for the kitchen wouldnt normally put the plug near the sink lol,,a pair of flamingo earrings to take apart for the fron door,a lamp shaped like a gold shell,and the shelf unit from mini'sx2 on etsy.Oh its lovely so well made,fits perfect and is great,funny i didnt like those units in real life and real time,but i do now. Also the 1" metal deco picture frame i won off ebay,it has an old pic of a 20"s wedding couple in it,faded and stuff but looks great very antique.I am not sure if it is genuinally old as i have seen similar modern ones,but the metal and making seem quite old style. It's very interesting doing a modern house,white and pale pink gloss paint,it all has to be sanded and smooth as possible,and nowhere inside like dado rails and skirting boards to hide bits,i do plan to light it and have several lights on the way,some i bought battery powered,easy to install and not so many wires to hide.

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  1. Looking good Julia...keep the pics coming! We all love to see what each other is doing :) Hugz J x