Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Up Up and away......

Well have been painting bits trying to stop the mold growing,its still pops up after painting and in the spaces where the doors are going to fit,makes for very grotty photos. Have had migraines for weeks now,taken so many pills if you shook me i'd rattle,am hoping its men-a-pause and will lessen over time. Some great bits came in the mail,the local shop/post office cant beleive it,i cashed in my loose change,got $300 all to spend on my house. Bought a chinese opium bed from ebay,he only had 3,i did some searching and his were half the price of the same thing elsewhere so i nabbed one,had bought a deco set for the 2nd bedroom but its not wow enough so its going in my other house Eliza.The colour is the problem its dull,no idea what to paint or stain it,its nicely made,if anyone has an idea please comment. Also got neat little desk,has 9 opening drawers and 2 tiny panels,i found a chair in my stash that goes well. So these pics are of the house going up sort of,taped together and checking it out,painted the door 10 times,still dont like the colour,or the door actually,still thinking there.


  1. Busy girl Julia! Sorry to hear about the migraines they are awful...take care xxx

  2. The little desk is wonderful.
    Bye Faby

  3. I love how you are putting the old with the modern, very eclectic!